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North Musicians of a certain age will have heard of Jim Hornsby,maybe know him!He might have played on your cd or vinyl...may have given you a guitar lesson or two. You may have purchased a cd that he played Guitar, dobro or banjo on.

Maybe you have seen him playing with Martin Stephenson, Prelude, Diesel Therapy, Archie Brown and a host of others...Maybe!

The grass doesnt grow under Jims feet however..2013 sees a new collaboration with Boomchang records,a new label headed up by Steve Cunningham...Following on from his solo CD "bedford Falls" and Diesel Therapy"s 2012 release "The Salters Rd" comes a new song from Jim.."one More Time".

We liked this enough to record it and hope you feel the same way....Jim Hornsby..."One More Time..."

  Salutation Road


Jim Hornsby


Introducing Jim Hornsby


Who’d be a country guitar picker on one of the coldest nights of the year about to sound check with his band for a gig in the highest pub in England. ‘Do you do Rawhide?’ shouts a callow youth who has braved the snow on a bus trip from...Barnard Castle (they probably don’t get out much!). ‘Actually, yes’ replies Jim Hornsby and with the same studied perfectionism he gives to his guitar and dobro playing he soon has the whole bar singing along. But then, for someone who has been playing guitar for the best part of his life, very little can faze Mr Hornsby. Having a career that has seen him partner up with an ex David Bowie sideman as American Echoes (‘Ooh! Las Vegas’ – a radio one record of the week no less) and writing a song that would earn an award from the Country Music Association of North America (‘Land of Broken Dreams’ recorded with Prelude’) Jim’s career has been more pearls than oysters.

Guitar player of choice for ex Daintee Martin Stephenson, session man for Prefab Sprout, Jim has been called upon to add his licks to the music of a roll call of North East musicians.. Archie Brown, The Caffreys, Aaron Bayley (he of Pop Idol fame) and Pete Scott have all recognised the authentic finger knotting telecaster playing that engages his audiences so much.

But it is for his own music that Jim has received the most plaudits. Completing his first solo album ‘Bedford Falls’ he watched with satisfaction as chosen single received widespread airplay across Europe. ‘When Friday Comes Around’ a homage to country music, beer and that TGIF feeling also became the calling card of his next venture Diesel Therapy. On the back of two albums the Diesels played a sold out gig at the Cluny in Newcastle and attracted widespread critical acclaim until their recent decision to split as that they had taken the music as far as it could go.

Meanwhile, back in the bar, Jim has managed to quieten the inebriated bunch of young men at The Tan Hill Inn, who clearly recognise when they are in the presence of a true musician. Clutching his hat into which they have, without solicitation, thrust a significant amount of money, he wryly observes that he may consider Rawhide for his next album


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